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WDPA ID 10350
WDPA Parent ID 10350
Name Ho Lak
Original name Hồ Lak
Country VN
Sub-national location Đăk Lăk
Designation Cultural and Historical Site
Designation (English) Cultural and Historical Site
Designation type National
IUCN Category V
Marine No
Reported marine area (km2)  
Reported area (km2) 92.7
Status Designated
Status year 1986
Governance type Sub-national ministry or agency
Management authority Not Reported
International criteria  
Mangement plan  
Metadata ID 618
Description Investment plan (by Dak Lak Prov. FPD) listed site as 9270 ha (strict protection 6153 ha, forest rehabilitation 1826 ha and admin/services area of 1291 ha). There was an additional buffer of 3474 ha. Approved on provincial level in Sept. 1995.